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Top 5 Android O features that you must know about

On March 21st 2017 US-based tech giant introduced the upcoming Android version that goes by the name O, Google however didn’t reveal as to what does “O” stands for but we assume its Oreo. The Oreo out of blue will host a number of advanced and updated features which will eventually make the user experience better than before.

Be it Marshmallow or Nougat, Google has been trying to achieve on various elements of the Smartphones and following are the big updates that we can expect from this operating system.

Improved battery backup

Group Notifications

Wide Color Gamut support

Better quality wireless sound

Picture-in-Picture mode

Improved battery life

Battery is one such specification which needs to be longer than what it right now in our mobiles and Smartphone makers across the globe are extensively working hard to further improve it. Google understands it and have been working on the same, take the Doze mode in Marshmallow for instance which puts the Smartphone in low-powered mode when the phone isn’t in use. We can expect Android O to further limiting the apps running in the background which will take lesser load on the CPU and thereby increasing the overall user experience.

Group notifications

android o notifications

As we rely more on our Smartphones, we tend to use and install more and more applications. Android O will make the ‘notifications’ part easier and much clearer. Google will allow the users to group certain notifications and the developers can then program notifications based on the priority level from 0 to 5, 3 being the default wherein the mobile will just vibrate and will display the notification everywhere. All the notifications within a channel will behave the same way and in order to edit these settings users would need to either long-tap on the notification channel or go to the setting menu and can change the behavior of the notification.

Wide Color Gamut support

android o display gamut

Many mid to high range Smartphones sports more pixels than most of the TVs and laptops and Android O will make the display even better. Google has added the support of Wide Color Gamut which flaunts more in-depth and rich colors in the WCG Smartphones.

Better quality wireless sound

The trend of listening to music tracks on a wireless earphone is catching but the quality remains poor as compared to a wired connection. The quality of audio coming from a Bluetooth powered headphones will now improve with the Oreo. Google recently partnered with Sony to bring the Japanese proprietary LDAC encoding system to Android O. With LDAC the data over the Bluetooth can be transferred at three times faster than the current technology. The hardware also needs to be compatible with LDAC which is manufactured by only Sony and we shall expect more Smartphones producing LDAC enabled devices by late 2017 and 2018 onward.

Picture-in-Picture mode

Just like how the YouTube app works on any Smartphone, the Picture-in-Picture mode will allow users to minimize the video and browse the app or open/ close an app with video overlaid.

So these are top features to expect from Android O. There will be four previews of this version and the final one will start rolling out in Smartphones this fall.

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