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Best 5 Android Apps for Solo Travelers (2017 edition) | Free

‘Travelling’ the word itself brings a small smirky smile on your face, you start dreaming about all your favorite destinations you want to prospect. This article belongs to the passionate  solo travelers for whom travelling is life. We have a small list of five android apps that would help to ease your travelling burden and render a comfortable trip along with loads of sweet memories!

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Top 5 Android Application for travelers

Solo travelers need to well equipped with all desired things so that they don’t get bad experiences. These apps offer you to stay safe and help you have a joyful journey alone! Get them in order to get better exposure about your desired destination.


TripIt for Travelers

The TripIt is a cool app which needs to be carried necessarily. The TripIt scans all your documents including your train or flight tickets, hotel bookings and convert all the related information into a simple trip itinerary connecting your calendar. With this you don’t need to mess your handbag, but everything is handled by your Smartphone. This helps you to  work efficiently and systematically. But make sure you don’t misplace your phone!

Download TripIt!

2. Airbnb

Airbnb Travelers app

The best travelling experiences is the last moment plans! I hope you all have experienced this! For the instant travelers, Airbnb offers about 2.5 million homes, a room in an apartment, even a hotel. This is a one stop destination for last-minute accommodations and transportation. Brainstorm your head in finding your best room in the desired place of travel and also get to know the place. For Solo Adventures! Just remove your mobiles and search for the nearest restrooms.

Download Airbnb!

3. Foodspotting


Find food that may satisfy your taste buds is no longer difficult. The Food Spotting app helps you to search the best local restaurants.  Try on the best local delicacies and get updated with all its resources. Dominos is not what you need to try during travelling. Get indulged in the culture of the place, make yourself adaptive. Have a good fest and enjoy the staple food of the place, get one step closer to the place!

Download Foodspoting!

4. Google Translate

Google Translate

You should know some basics words or sentences  to speak while hiring an auto! The language of the place enables you to feel like a local. The handy app comes with around 103 languages if you choose to type and 52 languages if you are offline. The traveler can use pictures to communicate in 37 languages, you can even draw characters  and have a two-way interaction. The language won’t be a barrier now with the awesome Google Translate.

Download Google Translate!

5. City Maps 2Go

City Maps 2Go app

A map is a must for solo travelers. The map app City Maps 2Go is an excellent Android app with detailed offline maps, popular attractions and some secret tips. Simply ping your current location in the location finder and receive every town, lane and crossroad surrounding you. No need to run for network, search everything online. Explore the city without getting scared of being lost!

Besides City Maps 2Go, you can also try Nomao Camera App to have some fun clicking pictures. Solo traveling may be boring at times and the Nomao Camera apps can make the trip more enjoyable.

Download City Maps 2Go!

These are 5 basics Android apps which every solo traveler needs! Travelling is a beautiful affair between oneself and the place. I believe traveling should not be considered as a recreation activity, but it helps us to get closer to oneself. It should be a basic necessity for everyone. Solo travelling is on the high these days, not only men but women love exploring destinations all by themselves. Pack your bags guys, it’s your turn now!

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