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Project Management in 500 Words

The project is an innovative activity with a specific purpose, scope, budget and duration, which is the result of a need for change. Project management is an area that explains the internal and external coordination of the various functions of the enterprise during the execution of a project.

Projects created may be specific to a single department of a firm or may involve multiple departments or a whole company.

The development of technology and the emergence of a competitive market arising from small and medium-sized firms entering global and local markets has led to the concept of Project Management between 1955 and 1960. In the first years of project management concept, it was used in engineering and export fields, but over time, it started to be used in many sectors such as health, cosmetics, education, banking, defense.

The most important point in achieving project management success is ensuring that the resources available are used at the right time and in a way that provides maximum benefit in achieving the targeted success. As there is no retroactive correction in the project management process, very good project planning should be done very carefully. In addition, care should be taken not to go beyond the target budget while implementing project management.

Importance of project management brought importance of qualified project managers and project management professionals as well. PMI, the leading project management certification authority, provides CAPM certification for junior project managers or people aiming to enter project management. CAPM certification aspirants need to go through a CAPM training and that will help to enhance their project management skills.

PMI offers PMP certification for experienced project managers. In order to be a PMP certified project manager, PMI mandates that you must have completed a 35 hours PMP training. Project management is not an easy job. Therefore, you should have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience together.

By recognizing the ever-increasing importance of project management, contemporary firms have begun to focus more on project management concepts and conduct more extensive research on this subject. Having discovered that effective project management is a very important point for the firm, companies have accelerated their work towards customer satisfaction. They have developed project management practices so that they can develop new products and respond to customers’ service expectations more effectively. In particular, project management, which has become the most effective weapon in companies that can survive on today’s competitive market and succeed in getting stronger, is very effective in increasing firm profits.

50,000+ Professionals enrolled from Ericsson, Moody’s, Roche, Apple, Bank of America, Vodafone, KPMG and many more in one year in Master of Project Academy, online project management training provider, shows the significance and increasing importance of project management in corporate world.

When we examine it in more detail, we can list the fact that the project management gives the firm the following way:

  • More efficient and efficient use of company capital and labor,
  • Ensuring or enhancing customer satisfaction,
  • The more effective use of time management and the ability to allocate the right time to each job in this way,
  • Efficient use of resources and measurement of this efficiency,
  • Reducing or completely eliminating the risk of market loss,
  • Preparing for crises and risks,
  • Thanks to the accumulation of knowledge, a basis for future projects,
  • Increase in company profit

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